PT. Prima Mitranata (PM) provides Effective cleaning system by developing Cavi-jet technology
for rapid cleaning and environment safety.
Effectiveness and innovation  of underwater
hull cleaning Cavi-Jet equipment:

- Efficient and high quality cleaning (up to 2500 m2 /hour) without docking
- Rapid cleaning (up to 1000 m2 /hour) of curved and hard-to-get surfaces
  (propellers, rudders, kingston, supports of hydro technical structures, pipelines)
- Fast and effective cleaning of hard and thick (over 30 mm) marine growth
- Environmentally safe (uses only outboard water)
- Safety for divers
- No damage to paint and varnish coatings on surfaces being cleaned
- No need for replacement of tools and consumables during operation
- Operates around-the-clock without interruption
- No need for special training for divers
- Equipment can be moved on a trailer or small boat
- Ability to clean any surfaces (metal, plastic, wood, concrete, etc)
- Operates on piers, roadsteads and at open sea
- Cleaning before planned docking it
- Highly reliable equipment that does not require maintenance
- Choice of level, speed and cleaning modes (the hull can be cleaned to bare metal)
- Application of standard above-water pumping utilities (150-200 1/ min,150-200 bar)
- Remote above-water control system work in progress)
Cavi-Jet cleaning systems are better,
others most likely may have a number of limitations such as :

- Damage to protective coatings
- Limited cleaning on thick fouling
- Inability to clean curved surfaces and hard-to-reach places
- Use of heavy equipment
- Potential oil leakage
- Rapid wear of brushes
- Necessity of periodic equipment cleaning
- Possibility of diver trauma
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