+ Construction support/diver observation
+ Drilling, production and well workover support
+ High specification cleaning and inspection
+ Survey support (up to 20” unburied pipe/flexible)
+ Plough/trenching support
+ Seabed mapping/site surveys
+ Pipe/cable tracking
Work Capabilities
Sub-Atlantic’s fully electric Super Mohawk II remotely operated vehicle is an
excellent general purpose professional ROV system suitable for observation,
survey, pipelay support, light to medium work and NDT inspections.
Super Mohawk II can carry out many of the tasks currently carried out by work class
vehicles. An abundance of space, the rigid open-frame design and the generous
payload capability provide a versatile solution for the fitting of manipulators, additional
equipment and sensors. Two angled vertical thrusters allow an unhindered lower
deck area for placement of equipment and attachment of tooling skids. Super-
Mohawk provides high quality video for inspection work but also has the capabilities
for running underslung tool packages such as tree valve torque tools, high pressure
water jetting pumps and small hydraulic or electric manipulators
Our SUPER MOHAWK II will provide wide range of deep underwater jobwell beyond the manual working condition.
PT. Prima Mitranata (PM) specialized in underwater services providing a range of services for Diving, Painting and Cleaning, ROV services, Pontoon Trenching, Installation and Inspection
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