Since 2005 Prima Mitranata expand its business in Underwater Services which is called as Prime Marine Services
The vision of PT. Prima Mitranata is to be a prime success
company through the result of understanding our client's
requirement and exceeding their expectations by providing
hands on services and best quality products.Our
successes are based on our competency in the
innovation, safety, and one of a kind design.

Guided by our values of Integrity, Commitment and
Excellence, we deliver quality services and innovative
solutions for our partner everywhere. We transform vision
into reality.
- We believe in leadership that guides and inspires.
- We encourage continuous learning and strive to develop 
  our people to their highest potential.
- We pursue excellence in everything we do.
- We strive for fairness and adhere to the highest ethical
- We support each other and work together in achieving
  our objectives to exceed our customer's expectations.
- We strive to maintain highest level of safety, security,
  health, and environmental standards.
- We are all accountable for our actions.
- We are proud to our company and committed to
  preserving its assets and resources.
- We are willing to change whenever new methods can 
  bring benefits to PT. Prima Mitranata
It is the policy of the management of PM to establish and
maintain a Quality System, which will ensure the highest
level of quality and safety, for their employees, clients and
the environment. This system in connection with all other
management functions allows for the efficient and effective
compliance to regulatory and client requirements.
The management through this policy supports the
implementation and monitoring of a Quality Assurance /
Quality Control System in all aspects of administration and
operations. Such a policy is necessary for the continuing
competitiveness and success of the Company in the future
and will require full employee participation to implement
the system successfully.
PT. Prima Mitranata’s Quality Assurance / Quality Control
System is detailed in the Quality Manual and related
procedures. The system is designed to ensure systematic
monitoring, effective control and maintenance of all
aspects related to quality and safety within the Company
A vision is critical in order to focus an organization on its goals. However, we also believe that a Vision may never be achieved without understanding the values that provide the company
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